2022 Q1

June 11, Women's Ministries Emphasis Day [GCWM]
2022 sermon packet, "Heroines of Faithfulness," draws six lessons from the story of the midwives in Egypt, who showed fearlessness and faithfulness to God by refusing to kill baby Hebrew boys as mandated by their sovereign ruler.

April 24, Possibilities Ministries Awareness Day [GC]

April 7, World Health Day [UN]

March 8, International Women's Day [UN]
2022 theme is "Women in Leadership: Achieving an Equal Future in a COVID-19 World."

March 5, International Women's Day of Prayer [GCWM]

2022 sermon packet is "Praying in the Last Days." The sermon looks at Joshua's prayer before entering the promised land and outlines four lessons we can takeaway from his story. Written by Cindy Tutsch. The seminar, "Why Prayer Matters," draws on Biblical verses and Ellen G. White quotes. Written by Cindy Tutsch.

February 6, International Day of Zero Tolerance [UN]
2022 theme is "Ending Female Genital Mutilation by 2030."

February 4, World Cancer Day [UN]

January 5-15, Ten Days of Prayer [GC]
2022 theme is "The Three Angels Call to Prayer."