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A Sermon in Four Languages

When Elida Oncea is invited to preach in her native tongue, a sermon is presented for the first time simultaneously in four languages in Linz—Romanian, German, English, and Ukrainian.

What an enriching women's Sabbath! Women's Ministries Emphasis Day was experienced this time not only by women but even by some men and children. Maybe you will be there next time! It turned out to be a great, blessed Sabbath when native Romanian Elida Oncea, the new Women’s Ministries director in Austria visited Linz, Germany.

Since there is a large Romanian group in Linz, and we also wanted to invite Romanian guests, Elida was asked to preach in her mother tongue, Romanian. From the podium, a sister translated into German. On the balcony, Elida's son interpreted for our English-speaking guests (we had the great joy to welcome many dear sisters from our international church in Vienna). And the good Lord provided even for our Ukrainian brothers and sisters as a young Ukrainian man came and translated into Ukrainian. In the morning he translated for our Ukrainian brothers and sisters, in the afternoon he delighted us with a self-composed piece on his guitar! It was the first time a sermon has been presented in four languages in Linz!

The sermon text was taken from Revelation 12:1: And there appeared a great sign in heaven, a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars. We interpret this text mainly symbolically: the woman as a symbol of the church. We have come to realize that we may also understand this text literally: The sun is Jesus Christ. The more intimately we are connected to our Savior through Bible study and prayer, the more He can transform us and shine through us.

In the afternoon, Elida shared great experiences with us. God can and will make great things out of even small efforts. Helping neighbors, encouraging others, taking time for those who are sad, sharing in the lives of our fellow human beings, all the while speaking of our great God. Such labors of love God blesses. How many people do you tell about your Savior?

At the end of this day, our pastor Doru Tarita said a prayer of blessing for all women who want to be and become "women after God's heart."

We, as women of the Linz congregation, thank Elida for coming. We are sure that our good God will bless her ministry abundantly throughout Austria.

Photo credit: Tom Def | | hillside somewhere in Austria, the country where Elida Oncea now lives

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Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2022 Q2&3