Women's Ministries Leadership Certification, Level 4

Twenty-five dedicated Latino of Alabama are newly certified women's ministries leaders.

North American Division (NAD)

[Alabama, USA] The completion of Women's Ministries Leadership certification for 25 women in Spanish churches in proximity to Birmingham, Alabama, is a significant occasion. Women painstakingly shared the course information with those who could not read. It takes dedication and great care to effectively communicate knowledge to someone who cannot read. It takes determination and perseverance to effectively learn when you cannot read.

These women studied on Sabbath afternoons for three or four hours and after Prayer Meeting on Wednesday evenings. Each level in the program provides many choices of electives in addition to core requirements. In all, these women completed 40 courses of the 65 available in the full curriculum. The newly certified leaders proudly displayed their binders of seminar papers in the reception hall in order to convey this major accomplishment for friends and families attending the ceremony held at Efesus Seventh-day Adventist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, November 10, 2018.

Fifteen recipients of leadership certification are from the Spanish churches surrounding Gadsden, Alabama, where Magali Cruz is the women's ministries leader. Ten recipients are from Efesus Church, where Yadira Marchena is the women's ministries leader. Sonia Paul, women's ministries director for South Central Conference, presented the keynote address and assisted in awarding the certificates. The event was coordinated and conducted by Nahomy Perez, Latino women's ministries leader at South Central Conference.

Adapted from Southern Tidings, February 2019, "Latino Women Complete Women's Ministries Certification" (p. 30), written by Sonia E. Paul, women's ministries director, South Central Conference

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Reported in Mosaic newsletter, 2019, Q2, Summer issue