The theme, "CHOSEN: Because you are chosen, clothe yourself," naturally invites participants to wear the costumes of their native country


Women are making a difference in Greater Sydney Conference

The much-anticipated annual Breathe congress convenes in Sydney's waterfront park.

South Pacific Division (SPD)

[Australia] On Sabbath, September 22, 2018, Greater Sydney Conference women’s ministry held an amazing event they call Breathe. The underlining message of the women’s conference is that after being filled with the Holy Spirit, women can, and do “Make a Difference,” when they become soul-winners. Many friends of church members were invited to attend.

Five hundred women responded to the invitation to come and be refreshed. The theme was “CHOSEN: Because you are CHOSEN, CLOTHE yourself.” The accompanying scripture text, Colossians 3:12, reads – “Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.” Three different presentations during the day-long event featured our South Pacific Division family ministry leader, Dr. Trafford Fischer.

  • Session 1: CHOSEN to Love.
  • Session 2: CHOSEN to Live.
  • Session 3: CHOSEN to Lead.

Women were invited to wear their national costumes to the conference. Not only were overall program and uplifting messages a feast for the mind and heart, the festive costumes were a feast for the eyes and the beautiful setting in Sydney’s Waterview pavilion located in Bicentennial Park was a different kind of feast for the eyes.

The advertising message posted on the website that invited women to wear their national costumes said it this way:

“As we are a CHOSEN nation made up of many nations here in Sydney, we want to celebrate our diversity so [we are] asking that you wear your national outfit or colors or anything that represents where you’re from. If you don’t have a national outfit – that’s ok, just come as you are!”

Beryl Landers, women's ministries director for Greater Sydney Conference, is doing a wonderful job of rallying the troops around her to make something like this happen. I was honored to be asked to offer opening prayer. Erna Johnson (past WM director for SPD) was also present and acknowledged.

Reported by Danijela Schubert, Women in Ministry leader for South Pacific Division
Photos from Sydney Adventist Women, FaceBook, #breathe2018, #chosen, #sydneyadventists

Published in Mosaic 2018 Q4, Fall issue

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