Bible Study for Busy Women

Fourteen small group topics—the most important aspects of a woman's spiritual life

Bible Study for Busy Women written by Ardis Dick Stenbakken and Carole Ferch-Johnson is a series of fourteen small group topics designed to encourage and nurture both Seventh-day Adventist woman and those who want to know more about the Christian way of life. These guides will gently introduce Jesus Christ and can be used for individual or small group Bible study. The Bible Study Guide titles are "Why [topic] Is Important to Women." The topics are the Bible, Jesus, Salvation, Prayer, Spiritual Growth, Relationships, Self-worth, Personal Integrity, Kinsman Redeemer, Managing Emotions, Coping with Worry, Mentoring, Managing Resources, and Rest.

FELLOWSHIP ACTIVITY. Small group Bible study has more than one purpose. It fosters a better understanding of the Bible and of our Lord Jesus Christ. It also helps women in the group build positive relationships. For this reason each session includes a fellowship activity which is related to the study for that day and designed for women to become better acquainted with one another.

TEXTS ON THE TOPIC. The Bible texts provided are not exhaustive on any given topic but are suggestions to guide you in your study.

DISCUSSION STARTERS. The questions that follow each study can guide you in understanding the texts provided and help you discover how each topic is important to women.

PRAYER ACTIVITY SUGGESTIONS. Prayer is an important feature for a Bible study group. A wide variety of prayer options relating to the topics are given to encourage your small group to try new ways of praying.

PERSONAL APPLICATION. Because Bible study is effective only when personal application of its contents is made in our lives, ways to make personal application are also suggested.

Bible Study for Busy Women
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