Happy women who completed the first of four levels of Women's Ministries Leadership training in Francistown


Leadership training in Botswana inspires two young women to visit Adventist Church

Guests enrolled in Women's Ministries Leadership Certification training begin attending Sabbath worship services in Francistown.

Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division (SID)

[Botswana] Two young ladies who attended the Adventist Women’s Leadership Certification training held in the Francistown district of North Botswana Conference were encouraged through the training to do better things with their lives. In fact, they were so inspired that these not-yet-Adventists began attending worship services at the Francistown church the next Sabbath.

All the women who attended the training excelled in their exams, with Mrs Hilda Makuku, the wife of the president of North Botswana Conference, achieving a perfect 100% in her leadership exam.

Mrs Oganne Kgari, Women’s Ministries director of the North Botswana Conference, notes that the Leadership Certification workshops are enriching the lives of the women who attend.

Contributed by Susan Williams, director of Women's Ministries for Botswana Union Conference

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2019 Q3, Summer issue