YAWM conference, "Sisterhood," held in Kasane is attended by more than 100 young Adventist women of the North Botswana Conference.

More than 100 Conference Participants Develop Sisterhood Relationships

Young Adventist women in North Botswana are encouraged to act like "His Special Princesses" in such a time as this.

Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Conference (SID)

[Botswana] A Young Adventist Women’s Ministries (YAWM) conference held in the beautiful northern town of Kasane focused on the theme of “Sisterhood.” More than one hundred young women attended the program. Maipelo Sealetsa, the key speaker, encouraged the young women to act and behave like “His Special Princesses.” Susan Williams, director of Women’s Ministries in Botswana, spoke about importance of sisterhood and challenged the young women in developing relationships with each other.

Sunday morning, the young women from North Botswana Conference dressed in white and boarded a boat for a cruise on the beautiful Chobe river. The river cruise gave participants the privilege of seeing a variety of wild animals, such as elephants, antelope, many species of birds, and crocodiles. A scrumptious breakfast followed.

Oganne Kgari, Women’s Ministries director of the North Botswana Conference, expressed her delight at the number of young women who attended the conference.

Contributed by Susan Williams, director for Women's Ministries in Botswana Union Conference

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2020 Q1&2, Spring issue