Prayer time is essential during the evangelism training conference attended by more than 500 women in southern Rondôndia, Brazil.

“From Root to Fruit” Conference Empowers Women for Mission

More than 500 women gather in southern Rondônia for training in spreading the gospel.

South American Division (SAD)

[Brazil] Women and missionaries gathered during the conference that took place in Ji-Paraná, Rondônia, Sabbath, not dated. The event called, “From root to fruit,” was designed to motivate, encourage, and empower these women for mission. Each woman with different realities and needs, but all of them with a specific goal: a life of communion, which the fruits reflect the call of each one in the gospel’s preaching.

Marlene is a special friend of the church and participated for the first time in the event by the invitation of a group of women. “My family stayed at home, and I'm here with friends. It was worth coming,” she points out.

The theme of the event, according to the leader of the women in southern Rondônia, Teacher Lucilene Araújo, was chosen to show that each woman receives from God a special seed of love and hope. This seed should be spread with the gospel’s preaching; and the fruits to reap for the kingdom of God will arise.

Speakers Cleomenis and Raimunda Guedes presented themes on leadership, health and relationship. In addition, the leader of the Women’s Ministries for the eight South American countries, Teacher Marli Peyerl, contributed with the message and spiritual empowerment. “These moments are important for these women for leaving here motivated and inspired to make things happen in the church,” she said.

The Adventist church president in this region, Pastor João Alves Peixoto, emphasizes that women have a great vision about mission, an important role in society and for the salvation of people. An event like this helps motivate them to serve God and their neighbor.

The story of Deborah, a woman who lives the love of Jesus through actions, was shown during the event. She created a project called love in action and through it has presented the gospel in a practical way. In partnership with other volunteers she receives tangible donations ranging from clothing to orthodontic treatments. Missionary pairs to give Bible studies also help each family assisted by the project.

This is God's desire for the lives of these women, to be fearless, courageous, active in the cause of the Lord, and to reflect a life of communion with God and their neighbor.

Contributed by Marli Peyerl, director of Women's Ministries for South American Division

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2020 Q1&2, Spring issue