SAD NEWS | Sergipe, Brazil | Luciana Santana | June 7, 2022

Baptisms Wrap Up Women's Evangelism Week

Women in evangelism mobilize communities in the state of Sergipe

As a result of the partnership of Women's Ministries with the Reencontro Project and to coincide with Women's Evangelism Week, the Adventist Churches in the state of Sergipe, on May 4th, held the Women's Ministries Day.

According to the leader of Women's Ministries for the state of Sergipe, Franciane Calhau, this Saturday's movement crowned the entire mobilization of Women in Evangelism with the delivery of lives to Christ, through baptisms. “It was wonderful to see the dedication of each woman involved and committed to saving souls for Christ! We believe that each woman was commissioned by Jesus for this time, and that she can reach her community, her friends, relatives and everyone around her using her talent.”

For the coordinator of the women's ministry in the district of São Cristóvão, Cristina Silva, the Women's Ministries Day Sabbath was a blessing and brought together 300 participants. “Many women praised and engaged to speak about the love of Christ in their families and communities during Women's Evangelism. Last Saturday, five women gave their lives to Christ through baptism in our church,” says the leader happily.

Women from the state of Sergipe answered the call saying: “Eu Vou! (I Will Go) They understood that they need to go in order to save. The woman who answers the call saying, "I will go," needs to shine her light, and her light must be visible to everyone,” says Calhau.

Photos courtesy of SAD news
This article was originally published on the Portuguese website of South American Division

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2022 Q2&3