Women's Ministries helps ADRA build a house in Bulgaria

With school held mainly online, children need a personal device, and women's ministries is collecting electronic devices for needy students.

Inter-European Division (EUD)

[Bulgaria] Last year, the ADRA director in Bulgaria told me that ADRA wanted to build a house for a woman with two children who had lost their home in a fire. We became involved in the project. The House has now been completed. The ADRA director was interviewed on national TV, and I was contacted by another business owner with a furniture factory who wanted to donate furniture for this family and other needy people.

Our community center "Trapezata" started collecting tablets and other electronic devices. They wanted to give these to people in need who don't have any, especially children. As school is mostly held online in Bulgaria (at the time of this writing), children need a laptop, computer, tablet, or cell phone. The leader of the women's ministries department in one of the churches in Sofia heard about this project. She decided to donate a tablet. She packed it nicely and sent it to me.

Through a Facebook group I heard about a woman who needed a tablet for her child. I sent the donated tablet to the local pastor, and he and his wife took it to the family—a mother and daughter. Because of the lockdown, the mother had lost her job and they are really in great need. The pastor’s family now takes care of them, brings food and clothes, and buys them firewood. They also needed bedroom furniture and other things, which we were able provide, thanks to the business that donated us furniture. Women’s Ministries Bulgaria has been able to also buy a few other things the mother and daughter needed urgently. I believe that God is now opening many doors in this way. What amazes me is that God is at work through many people. And we are all part of a little chain reaction, serving God and helping people in need.

Before Christmas we revisited a house for the sick and donated bed sheets and household items as well as food. I believe these things will make the people living there a little happier. That's the way we can serve here right now. Women’s Ministries and ADRA Bulgaria are cooperating very successfully, helping people in need.

One lady has been conducting an online Bible course for more than four years, and some women have been baptized through this ministry. Because some churches in Bulgaria have been closed for the past year, the course is very popular and is being shared. This online Bible study is just what people need at such a time as this.

Reported by Gabriela Kudinova, Women's Ministries director for Bulgarian Union of Churches Conference

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2021 Q2, spring issue