Teen girls choose chastity

The risks of teenage pregnancy are explored by Adventist secondary students.

West-Central Africa Division (WAD

[Côte d’Ivoire] The rate at which teenage girls are becoming pregnant in Cote d'Ivoire is alarming. The government is working to educate and help teens overcome this evil. For this reason, Women's Ministries department of West-Central Africa Division (WAD WM) with headquarters in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, recently launched a campaign in that country to help our Adventist teenage girls become fully informed of the grave risks of pregnancy in teens.

The program, designed to bring attention to the dangers of pre-marital relations, early pregnancy, and also sexual abuse, was held in October 2017 at one Adventist secondary school in Mackory with about 400 students; and again, at another Adventist secondary school in Divo, March 2018, with about 230 students.

The day-long conference organized by WAD WM explained the answers to many questions, provided encouragement, and challenged the girls to pledge abstinence and preserve their virginity for their husbands. Each girl was given a promise box reminding her of her decision to remain chaste until marriage. A WhatsApp group was created to follow up with the girls on their pledges.

While the teenage girls expressed appreciation for the seminars, particularly, preventing sexual abuse, their parents and teachers expressed joy that chastity was the object of such enthusiasm and commitment by these adolescents. To God be the glory.

Contributed by Omobonike Adeola Sessou, WM director, West-Central Africa Division

Published in Mosaic newsletter, Spring 2018

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