Women of the Caribbean Creatively Use Zoom

In addition to distributing Enditnow Priority magazines with food hampers, sanitizers, and masks during lockdown, Women's Ministries is utilizing ditgital video for a variety of prayer programs, support sessions, and even a six-week seminar for sustainable gardening.

Inter-American Division (IAD)

[Caribbean Islands] During the pandemic the Women’s Ministries departments across the Union reached out to families in need and used innovative ways to share the message of hope. The women distributed food hampers, hot meals, sanitizers and masks. In the Grenada Conference, the women made masks and distributed them with Enditnow Priority magazines in several communities.

The Zoom platform was also used extensively. Sessions on Grief and Loss, Mental Wellness and Teaching Techniques for Parents were among those with the highest attendance.

Many creative prayer programs were also conducted with Zoom. The St. Lucia Mission launched a “Prayer Jar Marathon” and the Guyana Conference conducted a nine-day prayer meeting at 4:00 AM. More than five hundred women gathered every morning and presented their petitions before the Lord.

A six-week agricultural training program with an emphasis on entrepreneurship was launched June 28 on Zoom as part of the “Post COVID-19 Financial Recovery Program” for women. Read more

Reported by Debra Henry, director of Women’s Ministries for Caribbean Union Conference

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2020 Q3, summer issue