First-Ever Women’s Ministries Congress

Women of Cuba attend the “Transformed by Jesus’ Love” congress and are also transformed by the love of sisters from Mexico.

South American Division (SAD)

[Cuba] The first-ever National Women’s Congress held in Cuba included an additional unprecedented event when nearly 100 women from the North Mexican Union arrived carrying many bags filled with clothing, shoes, personal toiletries, and books. This was a well-planned response to the needs of women of Cuba. The vast array of choices gave each attendees the rare opportunity to make individual selections of five items each according to her need.

The joy of choosing and receiving these much-needed items kept big smiles on their faces all weekend. But they were also deeply blessed by the loving presence of their thoughtful sisters from Mexico, who again showed foresight and generosity in providing additional funds to pay for the women's necessary WM uniforms. This demonstration of love and service is a model of what we would like to repeat all over our territory. The need around us is great, but when we focus on someone else’s needs, we are doubly blessed.

The congress was held June 2-5, 2017 in the Víbora Church, the largest church in Havana with a capacity for 1,000 people. For three intense days, the women of Cuba delved into serious training and absorbed inspirational selections under the leadership of Ana Labrador, Cuba Union Women’s Ministries director.

Women, young and old, from all over the island of Cuba, gathered under one roof for the sole purpose of receiving training and inspiration for serving God and ministering to women in their congregations and communities. The weekend ended with a powerful challenge and call to service from Pastor Aldo Perez, Cuban Union president, and the completion of all the requisites for the Women’s Ministries mental health certification by more than 350 women.

The General Conference Women’s Ministries (GC WM) director, Raquel Arrais lead the mental health certification program, Thinking Well, Living Well, with the assistance of M. Dinorah Rivera, Inter-American Division Women’s Ministries (IAD WM) director, and Dr. Noemí Pérez, a psychologist of the island of Cuba.

The North Mexican Union delegation of women, under the leadership of Norma Villegas, Women’s Ministries director, received the blessing and support of the union president, Pastor Arturo King, and local field presidents. They also received a heavenly blessing for their selfless acts.

The women in Cuba have God’s spirit in them and demonstrate fervor and enthusiasm for God. Their ministry is dynamic and real. To God be the glory!

Contributed by M. Dinorah Rivera, WM director, Inter-American Division

Published in Mosaic, 2017 Q2