Prayer journal published for women in the Czechoslovakian Union

"Daughters of the King" is designed for women to record how God is leading their lives.

Inter-European Division (EUD)

[Czech Republic] “Daughters of the King” is a prayer journal designed and published by Women’s Ministries department in the Czechoslovakian Union.

The introduction includes these words:

“The Journal is intended to be a help in your spiritual life, inspiring you to write down your reflections and prayers, thus providing you with a record of your journey with God. We often forget how God has led us and this little book will help you to remember your battles and victories, making it possible for you to recognize God’s presence in your life.”

The journal includes help for Bible study, prayer, gratitude, and reflection.

Bible Study. Reading the Bible brings us God’s inspired Word in its purest form. What does the Bible text say about God about people, about your relationship with Him? What is new in the text? What is not clear to you and you want to study in depth? What questions did the text ask you?

Prayer. Cultivating a relationship depends on communication. That is why you need a regular time to present to God your thoughts, desires, wishes, uncertainties, fears and doubts. But also allow Him to give you His answers. Going back to your written prayers will show you how and when your Heavenly Father answered you.

Gratitude. Many scientific studies have confirmed what the Bible has taught us for centuries - the positive effects of gratitude on our lives. Find at least three reasons for gratitude every day!

Stop and reflect. It is good to stop and reflect from time to time and look back. Where has God led you? How has he answered your prayers? What new experiences with Him have enriched your spiritual life?

Contributed by Inter-European Division Women's Ministries

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2021 Q1, Winter issue