Desire, Discover, Depend, Do the Word

Small group fellowship study by Dorothy Eaton Watts

"Like any other habit in life, spending time with the Word gets easier the more we do it. Once you have established a regular devotional time you will find you cannot manage without it. Just as your stomach tells you its time to eat, your heart will tell you, 'It's time for God's Word,'" writes Dorothy Eaton Watts as she coaches you through four stages of training and assignments while drawing on stories of women such as Corrie Ten Boom, Becky Tiribassi, and Mary Jones who demonstrate desiring, discovering, depending, and doing the Word.

Use these lessons for nurture or outreach in small group fellowship.

This acrostic for DESIRE will encourage you to make the crucial lifestyle change for putting God's Word first in your life.

D-decide what is most important
E-eliminate the unessential
S-schedule time with the Word
I-invite Jesus to help you
R-repetition forms the habit
E-esteem the Word above all else

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