Click on this link to a formatted devotional for a visual guide. Devotional Formatting Sample


  • word limit 375-400 (not including title and scripture verse)
  • page size, US letter, 8.5 x 11 inches (not A4)
  • font New Times Roman, regular font, 12 point
  • flush left alignment, line numbering 
  • one-inch margins, all around
  • paragraph indention, one-half inch
  • line spacing, exactly 20 points (or 1.5 lines)
  • first line blank above title


  • Include a devotional title and a selected Bible verse with its text reference.
  • Do not use italics, underline, bold, ALL CAPS, numbered lists, or bullet points.
  • Do not allow your name—as you wish it to be published—to go beyond line 31.
  • If you quote from other sources, please include written permission to use the quoted reference, including song lyrics, unless the source is in the public domain.
  • Permission is NOT necessary for Bible verses, quoting Ellen G. White's writings, or two lines of lyrics that are published in the Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal.
  • Quotations will be footnoted, so please include all the necessary information.
  • All song lyrics (only two lines allowed) and poetic passages of the Bible are typeset as poetry, taking more space than you may expect.
  • Pseudonyms are NOT permitted; and NO poems will be accepted.