Discover the Love of Your Life


Discover the Love of Your Life: a seminar on journaling

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Why Journal?

  • To have a variety of ways for communicating with our Heavenly Father
  • To express our deepest feelings
  • To keep record of your walk with God
  • To record answers to prayer
  • To develop an aid in Bible study
  • To list your blessings and joys (begin a Joy Book, Blessing Book, Thanksgiving Journal, Gratitude Journal

Ways to Journal

  • Letters to God about what is happening in your life
  • Written prayers
  • Thoughts from your devotional reading
  • Bible promises to claim:
    • Use the ABCs of prayer—Ask, Believe, Claim
  • Researching a text and its references
  • Impressions from listening—to sermons, devotional talks, etc.
  • Dialogue with God:
    • Write using the ACTS prayer—Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication
    • Write using the PRAY prayer—Praise, Repent, Ask, Yield
    • Write using the Sanctuary prayer
  • Keep different types of journals—quiet time journal, church journal, pocket journal, bedside journal