Resources to download and share with your women's ministries group.

Women's Ministries and the Bible

by Angel Rodriguez
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AIDS Resources

Truth or Consequence: The Story of AIDS (2004)

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The Loving Touch: Caring for Someone with AIDS (2008)

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Additional Women's Ministries Resource s

Ministering to Women

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101 Ideas for Women's Ministries

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How to Start a Literacy Program

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A Christmas Program

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Women's Ministries and Dorcas

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Resources For Young Women

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Violence Against Women (Press Release of Pan American Health Organization)


Bible Studies—Various Languages


Growing Faith Bible Studies


Growing Faith Bible Studies

Portuguese and Spanish

The South American Division has developed Bible lessons in Portuguese and Spanish. These lessons can be downloaded here at our website. These are VIDEO lessons you will need a media player to study them.

Other Resources from South American Division

Child Abuse Seminar (Prevención del Maltrato de Menores Seminario)

Download Child Abuse Seminar

This seminar was prepared by Pastor Javier and Gloria Huerta of California, USA, for use in the Lincoln Heights SDA Church in California for "Child Abuse Awareness Month (April in the USA) and also for the "Day of the Nino."

This seminar could be used as an Abuse Prevention Emphasis Day supplement in August, during "Domestic Violence Awareness Month," or in November for the "World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse." You may adapt the material as needed or to reflect your style.

Este seminario fue preparado cerca: Pr. Javier y Gloria Huerta, Asociación del Sur de California, con la ayuda de las siguientes fuentes de información.

Recien termine el adjunto seminario que usaremos en Lincoln Hts a fines de el mes de Abril, aprovechando que Abril es "CHILD ABUSE AWARENESS MONTH" y tambien celebramos el Dia del Nino. Sin embargo, pudieran aprovechar el mes de agosto, que es "DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AWARENESS MONTH" y presentarlo en la fecha ya dada por la Conferencia General para la prevencion de abuso y violencia domestica. Sientanse libres en hacer cualquier cambio necesario para adaptarlo segun su necesidad o su estilo.

Uncertainty, the movie

A Film about Fears, Life Decisions, and Faith

Uncertainty, a film created by South American Division about mental illness and seeking help, premiered on 5 June, 2020 as part of the GAiN Europe Uncertainty project. At the dedicated website for the Uncertainty project, the film is available for viewing in English and several other languages, and is also on YouTube. Read more about the film in this report from TEDNews, June 17, 2020.