WM Leadership Certification Graduation for 208 women

Baptism of 34 souls witnessed by more than 2,000 women during the congress in Tshikapa.

East-Central Division (ECD)

[DRCongo] The East-Central Africa Division (ECD) Women’s Ministries department focuses on equipping all women in Women Ministries Leadership Certification Program training (LCP). Women are equipped and empowered to reach out to non-Adventist women during the LCP training.

Equipped and empowered, these women are poised to roll out the LCP training at local church levels so that all women leaders in the church are trained according to the curriculum.

From March 3-7, 2020, Women’s Ministries department (WM) in West Congo Union Mission, Democratic Republic of Congo under the leadership of Sister Aurelie Dipo organized a women’s congress. More than 2,000 women participated and the East-Central Africa Division Women’s Ministries Director, Sister Debbie Maloba was the guest speaker. The event was blessed by the special participation of pastors and church elders from all levels in West Congo Union Mission (union, conferences, and local churches).

This was the last great normal event held in East-Central Africa Division by the Women’s Ministries department just ten days before people went in lockdown in the region because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our Lord allowed participants to reach their homes before the lockdown. What a wonderful God we serve, He protected His people.

During the congress, 208 participants completed their training and graduated in all the four levels of WM Leadership Certification Program with some pastors and church elders among the graduates. There was increased participation of Non-Adventist women who graduated and accepted Jesus Christ.

A recently baptized gentleman—who is a member of the Parliament of the Democratic Republic of Congo—attended the women’s congress. He supported 25 women participants in the congress by paying their transportation fare, accommodation, and other needs. Debbie Maloba presented him with the Women’s Bible for his commitment and support to Women’s Ministries.

The Minister of Gender of Tshikapa County participated in the meetings and signed the petition on Every Child. Every Where. In School. She also received the Women’s Bible. Impressed by the messages addressed during the congress she requested some of Adventist women who attended the congress to remain and participate in the rally that was organized March 8. A powerful testimony.

The women's congress climaxed with a baptism of 34 precious souls who gave their lives to God.

May the name of our Lord be praised for ever and ever.

Contributed by Debbie Maloba, director of Women's Ministries in East-Central Africa Division

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2020 Q4, fall issue