enditnow® awareness is fostered in Finland

Trans-European Division (TED)

[Finland] The spiritually refreshing sermon, "Love at Home" (included with the WM enditnow Emphasis Day 2015 resource packet) was appreciated by the entire congregation during the national Women's Ministries special day in Tervajoki, Finland, August 2015. Following the noontime meal, men and children enjoyed the sunny, summer day while women participated in the "Anger Management" seminar (also part of the resource packet). The resource material engaged the women and allowed them to open up to each other through poignant conversation and to share their own experiences and what they have seen.

The women wanted to visit a shelter for mothers and children who had escaped domestic violence, but due to the vulnerability of the residents, they contented themselves with becoming acquainted with the mission of the shelter through its written sources. They also packed gift baskets with items to give comfort to the mothers and children during their stay in the shelter. Gift baskets were also delivered to staff members in recognition of the important work they do for abused families.

The enditnow Emphasis Day closed with families participating in a Selah worship: special prayer, singing, responsive reading. They pondered the question, "What is mankind that you are mindful of them, human beings that you care for them?" (Psalm 8:4, NIV). They were able to answer that question with thankfulness by reading Psalm 121.

Women in Finland enjoy the hands-on activities experienced during enditnow Emphasis Day events when participants visit chosen sites to distribute gifts to residents and give greetings to caregivers. Previously, the women have visited a nursing home, housing for seniors, and an SOS Children’s Village. The Village campus is where at-risk children, who cannot live with their biological parents, are housed in homes of families participating in the program. The children are provided a safe place to live which includes round-the-clock supervision by responsible adults, after-school tutoring, and opportunities to become involved in hobbies.

Reported by Anne Vrcelj, WM Director, Finland Union of Churches