Making a list of Women's Ministries accomplishments and activities last year

Women engaged in social media and digital meetings rises in Europe.

Inter-European Division (EUD)

[Europe] When a year has passed, we look back in review. The media does this, but even in the church, we deal with reports and statistics. Just like all other departments, the Women’s Ministries Department reports on what has been achieved in the past year. The WM directors in the conferences send a questionnaire to the leaders of the WM groups in the local churches as well as to the pastors to gather information. These statistics are then reported to the Union. 148 groups sent in reports, for which we are grateful. You might not have great expectations for what was reported in 2020 considering the circumstances, but you will be astonished at the results:

  • Newsletters, Christmas letters and "impulses" were sent by mail.
  • Information was shared on Facebook.
  • On Instagram, spiritual inputs were offered through 523 posts.
  • These spiritual inputs on Instagram were viewed by 13,980 followers.
  • Visits were conducted 7,880 times following the rules of hygiene and distancing.
  • Telephone calls were made for pastoral care.
  • 104 prayer meetings via Zoom were held. Prayer is the most important "tool of the trade" for Christians.
  • Two groups with active sewing circles reported the production of heart pillows for breast cancer patients, star.
  • This is just a fraction of the volunteer efforts done in 2020. If all 570 church groups would have reported their activities the numbers would be greater.

We would like to encourage you to write down now what you are doing for your neighbors a God during this year that still has restrictions due to Corona so that the statistics will be ready at the end oft he year.The statistics have been forwarded to the division, where Dagmar Dorn, Women's Ministries director for Inter-European Division, will combine the reports from all the unions and send them to the General Conference. It is overwhelming to see the global statistics. We would like to thank all the women who volunteer and also those who sent in reports. Be a part of the big picture when the statistics are put together each year!

Contributed by Dagmar Dorn, Women's Ministries director for Inter-European Division

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2021 Q2, spring issue