NSD WM | Seoul, Korea | Yun Choung Sil | June 11, 2022

For one special Sabbath in Korea, 150 women preach in 150 church pulpits

Women in the Middlewest region embrace mission in their own context.

About 150 churches participated in Women's Ministries Emphasis Day in the Korean Union Conference, and about 150 women delivered the message during the Sabbath service, June 11, 2022. In addition, women conducted a variety of special programs along with the Sabbath School coordinators.

Men in some churches presented roses and chocolate to women, and in others, the elders and pastors prepared the lunch.

In one congregation, the family of the speaker visited an Adventist Church for the first time to listen to their daughter's sermon, making the day extra special for everyone.

Each year more churches participate in this special Sabbath program. Members are encouraged to see the participation of deaconesses and ministerial spouses in their 30s and 40s preaching and inspiring the congregations with their gifts.

The Middlewest Korean Conference held a women's missionary congress motivating women to embrace mission in their own context. The participants spent a useful and enjoyable time seeing and learning about dedicated missionaries. The congress strengthened their faith nurtured new believers and empowered them to serve the community as Jesus served.

Photo credit: WM Korean Union Conference

By Yun Choung Sil, Women's Ministries director, Korean Union Conference in Northern Asia-Pacific Division

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2022 Q2&3