SAD WM | Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil | Lucilene Britis

Freedom Even Inside a Prison

During worship service inside a Brazilian prison, female inmates experience being free with their Savior.

Some time ago a group of volunteers from the Women’s Ministries made the first visit to the Madre Pellitier Women's Penitentiary, located in the city of Porto Alegre, state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The group was looking forward to meeting each of the inmates they were already praying for.

Special care was taken for this service with the 70 guests from Section B3. A beautiful table was prepared, with a beautiful tablecloth, crockery, and special objects, so that each inmate could experience that this was the table that God wanted us to set up for His dear daughters. All very welcoming. The Administration and the prison guards were impressed with our care in every detail of the meeting. Four women from the group were invited to sit at the Father's table, representing all of them. In the biblical message, it was emphasized that there is indeed a place for each of them at the table of our God.

The prison yard was flooded by the presence of the God Most High, and, at worship time, the prisoners wept and adored the Lord with deep emotion. The angels were present with the group. God's love for each of them and the purposes He has for new beginnings, healing, and deliverance were shared. God's dreams for them are always bigger and better. The Word of the Lord brought life and hope, strengthened faith, and overflowed with divine love.

The inmates ended our moment of worship by singing a song to the team of volunteers as a form of gratitude, asking that the service be continuous. At the end of the program, many women asked for Bibles and prayers.

This is the first of many meetings every Wednesday. The seeds began to be planted. More than 80 Bibles have been donated so they can study in their cells. God longs to set them free. He wants to rescue and bring His children from everywhere to His table. What's more, the Lord wants to use His redeemed children to carry this invitation of grace that restores, forgives, and brings freedom, even within a penitentiary.

By Lucilene Britis, Women's Ministries director, Rio Grande do Sul Conference of South Brazil Union Conference of South American Division (SAD)

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2022 Q2&3