Questionnaires help young women discover they are uniquely talented and spiritually gifted at Girls4Christ meeting in Tübingen


More than twenty girls look for their unique talents

Girls4Christ Day in Tübingen helps teenagers concentrate on their spiritual gifts instead of their faults and weaknesses.

Inter-European Division (IAD)

[Germany] On Sunday, February 17, 2019, the Girls4Christ Day centered around the topic "unique and talented." More than 20 girls and young women in Tübingen, Germany, started looking for their talents and gifts as well as their spiritual gifts. After a short and interesting lecture, they tackled several questionnaires intended to help them discover their strengths and spiritual gifts. Then the girls had several workshops to choose from: Bible Art Journaling, Hand-lettering, Karakoke, an escape room, and others.

Before closing with a meal, the evaluated questionnaires were handed out by the assistants. The girls were able to discuss the results with them. Many girls were surprised at what they discovered. God has given all of us so many gifts we can use for our own benefit but also for the people around us and to the honor of God.

It was a blessed day in Tübingen, and we hope that the girls were encouraged as they returned to their everyday lives concentrating on their talents instead of their faults and weaknesses. May they make the world a better place with their God-given talents.

Contributed by Jasmin Stanoschefsky, Baden-Wüttemberg Conference

Reported in Mosaic newsletter, 2019, Q2, Summer issue