Attendees of the women's ministries congress held in November 2018 at Lowry Adventist College, Bangalore, India


Women are encouraged to be "the light of the world" as we "draw closer home" at three congresses for women's ministries

Southern Asia Division (SPD)

[India] In November 2018 Premila Masih, women’s ministries director for the Southern Asia Division, traveled through India to attend three union congresses. With here were two guest speakers: Heather-Dawn Small, women’s ministries director for the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist Church in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA, and Janice Browne of Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

They attended the congresses for North-East India Union Section in Shillong, Meghalya; Southwest India Union Section in Thrissur, Kerala; and South-Central India Union Section in Bangalore, Karnataka, held at Lowry Adventist College.

To open the meetings, each women’s ministries congress created a remarkable parade. The pageants were filled with flags and banners and colorful traditional dress of each state. The welcome program at all three places made the three guests feel right at home with additional welcome dances performed in Shillong and at Lowry.

Special music performances and seminar presentations, particularly by guest speakers Mrs. Small and Mrs. Browne, were chosen to reinforce the theme of each congress. The theme in Shillong was “Ye Are the Light of the World.” The theme at Lowry was “Empowered by God as We Draw Closer Home,” and Mrs. Small’s sermon “Closer Home” was powerful and timely.

Reports shared, skits performed, exercise taken, and much more activity brought participants closer to one another and to Jesus Christ. As women departed with rejoicing from these three gatherings, the pressing question was to know the date of the next congress in order to begin planning. Mrs. Masih praises God for the blessings and providence of this marvelous program for Southern Asia Division women.

Contributed by Premila Masih, women’s ministries director for Southern Asia Division

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2019 Q1