enditnow® program is broadcast across western Indonesia

Women Ministries takes the lead for observing enditnow® Emphasis Day

Southern Asia-Pacific Division (SSD)

[Indonesia] "When Jesus Ended It!" is the sermon written for enditnow® Emphasis Day 2020 by the Ministerial Association of the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist Church. In western Indonesia, church members observed this special day via Zoom. The event, organized by Jenny Sagala, Women's Ministries director for the region, was broadcast Sabbath, August 22, 2020. The guest speaker, Helen Gulfan, director of Women's Ministries for the Southern Asia-Pacific Division, preached the sermon with translation during the three-hour program, 2:00 - 5:00 pm. During the service a digital choir treated the audience with special music.

The following message from Sagala appeared on a virtual flyer for the virtual enditnow® program. It read as follows:


"We as women who have the strength and a solid umbrella in carrying out God's work in Adventist Women's Ministries service in which God is ready to use in the ministry so that it become a blessing for others not only in the church we serve, but outside the church we can reach out to women and pay attention to their needs both physically and spiritually. Especially in this pandemic situation, there are a lot of obstacles faced by the Women's Ministries. . .

"This is the time for us to give attention to them in their needs with a special attention given to them. A message from Mrs. Helen Gulfan says, for us to give them attention in their needs, do not let them be abandoned, but must be given good attention to them."

–Jenny Sagala

Contributed by Jenny Sagala, Women's Ministries director for West Indonesia Union Mission

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2021 Q1, Winter issue