Adventist women contribute to national publication

The Federation of Evangelical Women in Italy prepares a resource for defeating violence against women.

Source: EUD Women's Ministries, November 21, 2020

Women's health is the topic of the 2020 booklet 16 Days to Defeat Violence prepared by the Federation of Evangelical Women in Italy (FDEI), which has even been published in English this year. The booklet is intended to be a thought-provoking daily reflection for personal and community use during the 16 days of activism from November 25, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, to December 10, World Human Rights Day, passing through World AIDS Day on December 1.

The daily topics cover various aspects of women's health, including a look at medicine, counseling centers, sexuality, motherhood, AIDS, violence-related depression, eating disorders, female neoplasms, menopause, abuse on girls, and much more.

The booklet is introduced with the words: “This is a special number, different from all the others. Given the particular year we are still experiencing, dominated by the Covid 19 pandemic and from the sometimes-devastating impact it has had on everyone, the FDEI National Committee has in fact decided to focus the attention on the issue of women’s health, closely related to violence."

The current issue is the result of co-operation within the FDEI. Two of the authors are Seventh-day Adventists. Each page offers a look at the topic of the day, a biblical text followed by a comment, a prayer, and a question for discussion. Adventist Women’s Ministries in Italy are part of the FDEI, sharing projects and initiatives for women, together with Baptist, Waldensian, Methodist, Lutheran, Salvation Army, and Reformed of Ticino Women’s Movements. The FDEI has published its annual booklet against gender violence for more than ten years.

Reported by Lina Ferrara, Women's Ministries director in Italy
Photo: WM Italy

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2021 Q1, winter issue