NSD WM | Seoul, South Korea | Raquel Arrais | July 1, 2022

Lead Now, Learn How: Women's Ministries leadership school

Church leaders in South Korea say they are interested in providing Adventist women with tools they need to lead.

In South Korea, Seventh-day Adventist women have served in many essential positions at local congregations for years. To respond to the growing need to train those women leaders further, the Women’s Ministries department of the Korean Union Conference (KUC) has provided various training programs over the years.

A few months ago, it was time again for Adventist leaders to provide a women’s training event. Titled Women’s Leadership Training School, the event took place at the Mission Leadership Training Center of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD) on Jeju Island.

In the school, forty-two women leaders who were recommended by five local conferences in the KUC region gathered to enjoy fellowship and benefit from helpful lectures. Speakers included NSD Women’s Ministries director Raquel Arrais; NSD president Si Young Kim; Jae Soon An, professor of counseling psychology at Sahmyook University in Korea; Hak Bong Lee, former president of Yeosu Sanitarium and Hospital; Cheong Sil Yu, KUC Women’s Ministries director; and Jae Sung Yoon, director of the Mission Leadership Training Center on Jeju.

Church leaders in Korea reported that the training event was attended by members of the Korean Adventist Women’s Association, leaders of missionary groups, women and family ministries leaders from local churches, and Sabbath School coordinators. “It was a time to encourage and motivative them to renew their commitment and dedicate themselves to the Korean church’s mission initiative, which is ‘I Will Go Reach My World,’” leaders said.

According to organizers, the feedback survey after the event showed high satisfaction with the training.

“We will continue to run the leadership school so that more women can benefit by educational opportunities,” Yun said. “We also plan to produce and distribute video lectures which allow women to train themselves to be God’s servants wherever they are.”

By Raquel Arrais, Women's Ministries director, Northern Asia-Pacific Division

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