Equipping and Inspiring Women to Lead

Korea | NSD WM | October 25, 2022 | Raquel Arrais

Korean Union Conference holds its second Women’s Leadership School

The Korean Union Conference Women's Ministries held the second Women's Leadership School at the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD) Training Center on Jeju Island from October 3 - 6 this year. This special training provides tools, strategies, and discussion time for the participants to improve their leadership skill and serve the church more effectively.

The attendees are women who are serving the church in different capacities as head elders, department directors, and coordinators of special ministries in their local churches.

The Korean Union Conference Women’s Ministries department believes that every woman is called to minister. Each woman can impact their family, neighborhood, friends, and coworkers. Considering these areas where women can really make a difference as leaders, the purpose of this training is to equip them to minister within their circle of influence, especially in their local congregations.

For three days, forty-five women leaders recommended by each Korean Union Conferences gathered to enjoy learning through helpful seminars from the Northern Asia Pacific Division WM Director, Raquel Arrais, Kim Si Young (NSD President), Lee Hak Bong (Retired Pastor, former President of YEOSU Sanitarium and Hospital), Yun, Cheong Sil (Korean Union Conference WM Director), Pastor Yun Jae Sung (Director of NSD Leadership Center) and Pastor Lee Sun Mi.

A key component in this leadership school is “connection.” The organizers provided many opportunities for the women to listen, pray, learn, sing, walk together, and connect to each other in a variety of activities. “This connection foster friendships, strengthens love and respect, and builds up a sisterhood’ support system that is a blessing as they lead and contribute to the church mission.

Women in Korean Union Conference are a dynamic force for mission in KUC territory. They are taking their places in this time of crisis and using all their gifts as ministries to reach out other women and lead where God has placed them.

Photo credit: Korea WM and Raquel Arrais
Written by Raquel Arrais, Women’s Ministries director of Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD)

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2022 Q4