Women at Kyrgyzstan retreat pose in front of a porthole-style window overlooking mountains and sunsets


Prayer takes women to mountaintop experience

The mountaintops and colorful sunsets of Kyrgyzstan made heaven seem closer during the women’s retreat with “A Key Opening Heaven” as its theme.

Euro-Asia Division (ESD)

[Kyrgyzstan] In a beautiful mountain location in Kyrgyzstan, women came together in spiritual recreation. The grandeur of the natural setting with mountaintops, fresh air, singing birds, and amazing colors in sunsets and sunrises opened hearts for hearing God’s voice and made heaven seem a little closer.

The theme, “A Key Opening Heaven,” provided time consecrated for prayer, corporately, individually, and in small groups during a women’s retreat, June 28-30, 2019. Each woman received a gift—a kit of promise cards to pray the words of Scripture and memorize.

Seminars helped participants from the South Union of Conferences understand women’s relationships and learn ways to grow in spiritual experiences.

Contributed by Raisa Ostrovskaya, director of Women's Ministries for Euro-Asia Division

Published in the Mosaic newsletter, 2019 Q3, summer issue