Women's Ministries in South America in these twenty-five years has been an opportunity for our sisters to develop different areas and abilities to serve more effectively in all areas of life and church.

  1. Spiritual Growth. Women grew first in their relationship with God. They learned to seek God every day and have a more intimate relationship with Him.
  2. Acting as Leaders. Today, women are leading different departments of the church, and the church recognizes the potential they have and the need for their work.
  3. Training. WM helped women to prepare themselves to work in different ministries.Today they are trained and able to coordinate projects that the church has promoted such as Breaking the Silence, Friendly Ear, and other ministries making the church better known in the community.
  4. A Voice of Hope. WM helped women to be a voice of hope in their home, church, and society.
  5. Mission. WM prepared women to fulfill the mission.