Ten Ministry Idea Cards


for outreach.

Ten Ministry Idea Cards

Intercessory Prayer

Download idea card 1

Intercessory Prayer Ministry


Download idea card 2

Plant a Seed Ministry

Friendship Evangelism

Download idea card 3

Friendship Evangelism Ministry

Small Group

Download idea card 4

Small Group Ministry

Homes of Hope and Healing

Download idea card 5

Homes of Hope and Healing Ministry


Download idea card 6

Visitation Ministry


Download idea card 7

Prison Ministry


Download idea card 8

Discipleship Ministry

Bible & Baptism

Download idea card 9

Bible to Baptism Ministry

Community Outreach

Download idea card 10

Community Outreach Ministry

If you are looking for ways to involve women in reaching out to their friends and neighbors, these ten ministry idea cards outline ideas for outreach using their individual gifts. To download, click on the links below:

ministry card 1 – Intercessory Prayer

ministry card 2 – Plant a Seed

ministry card 3 – Friendship Evangelism

ministry card 4 – Small Group

ministry card 5 – Homes of Hope and Healing

ministry card 6 - Visitation

ministry card 7 - Prison

ministry card 8 - Discipleship

ministry card 9 – Bible & Baptism

ministry card 10 – Community Outreach