Mission to the Cities

Reaching the large urban cities is possible.

How much do you know about Mission to the Cities?

The Mission to the Cities initiative is part of the " I Will Go" 2020-2025 strategic focus of " Reach the World," the strategic plan voted by the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

  • How many effective ways can you describe to reach your city for Jesus?
  • Do you have a prayer map to guide you around the word as you pray for the word's largest cities? (Hint: It looks like a subway system map with each stop being a city of one million or more.)
  • Can you share with others some amazing stories from our Life Hope Centers in many countries?
  • Have you heard the most recent news from church members who are serving their cities?
  • Do you know what Ellen G. White says about Mission to the Cities?

Did you think of ways such as these to reach your city?

  • 6 ways to serve the children in your city
  • 10 ways to serve refugees and immigrants in your city
  • 11 ways to serve your city’s most vulnerable residents
  • 6 mobile ministry ideas for your city
  • 7 outside-the-box Urban Center of Influence Ideas
  • 8+ ways to serve your city in your outdoor spaces
  • 9 ideas for classes you could offer at your Urban Center of Influence
  • 6 was to serve your city in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic
  • 6 ways to use your hobbies to serve your city
  • 3 ways to serve your city while also caring for the environment
  • 4 ways your local Christian school can serve cities
  • 7 easy ways to serve your city

To learn more about these innovative services and activities, go to Serve Your City

Mission to the Cities operates under the Global Mission Urban Center in partnership with the Global Mission Centers and Adventist Mission. One way the Office of Adventist Mission contributes to the Mission to the Cities Initiative is to focus on making disciples among the urban, unreached people groups. Through our members' sacrificial giving to Global Mission offerings, funding is available to start new groups of believers, and Life Hope Centers, using "Christ's Method Alone" to make disciples.

The GC Reach the World" strategic plan has various initiatives which aim to help church members REACH UP, REACH ACROSS, and REACH OUT. Comprehensive Health Ministry, Mission to the Cities, and Total Member Involvement come under the category of REACH OUT. Other initiatives within the Reach the Word strategic plan include Believe His Prophets, United in Prayer, and Revival and Reformation.

City lights photo credits
Header: Melbourne, Australia by Graham Holtshausen, unsplash.com
Above: Chicago, USA by Jonathan Kim, unsplash.com
Footer: Boston, USA by Lance Anderson, unsplash.com
Cover: Toronto, Canada by James Wheeler, unsplash.com

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"Do not hover over the churches to repeat over and over again the same truths to the people, while the cities are left in ignorance and sin unwarned and unlabored for" (Ellen G. White, The Upward Look, p. 274).