My Bible Journal


My Bible Journal has the perfect combination of journaling activities for your daily experience

Choose from three styles of graphics and download the printable pages of this Bible journal. Use its tools to dig deeper into the Word of God.

This blessing tool is simple and easy to use. Let's look at the sections on each page.

SCRIPTURE. Write out the day's Bible text. The transference of the brain's electrical impulses to the hand as it writes the words increases one's ability to memorize.

CONNECTIONS. The Bible repeats important themes. For example, if you are reading Philippians 4:6 (do not be anxious about anything), look for other texts about handling anxiety (or a similar thought), such as 1 Peter 5:7 (cast all your cares upon Him). Begin a list of connected texts.

WHAT I LEARNED ABOUT ME. List what Scripture says about you, such as, what you should do, and what you should avoid.

PRAY FOR CHANGE. Take time to pray and as you do, pray the words of a Scripture promise. Also, make a list of scriptural counsel to guide your prayers when asking to come into alignment with God's will, such as, Hebrews 4:12 (to know what's really in your heart), Psalm 119:18, 68 (to understand God's will and to learn His law), and Psalm 27:14 (to wait patiently for God to act).

MY DECISION TODAY. Write what you want today for yourself and leave it in God's hands. He will be the Lamp for your feet when you trust His leading.

Download My Bible Journal (PDF), available in three styles. Reprint journaling pages as often as you need additional space in your journal.

download, Bible Journal style 1
COLLAGE style artwork
jewel tones
download, Bible Journal style 2
COLORED PENCIL style artwork
bright flowers
download, Bible Journal style 3
WATERCOLOR style artwork
antique rose

Bible Journaling Guide

For when you are ready to try adding artwork in your Bible

You will find tips for needed tools, a discussion of Journaling Bibles, pens, getting started, hand lettering, reference guide to script letters and tips for practice with space to do so, four samples of hand lettered Bible verses to trace, how to draw a wreath, how to draw flowers, and additional practice pages.

Download this free, 24-page PDF file, Bible Journaling Guide, courtesy of