My Sister, My Friend


Program for mentoring teenage girls

Engaging young girls in the life of the church is a priority of Women's Ministries.

My Sister, My Friend, a new Women’s Ministries program for young girls, was released in early 2018. The curriculum has been prepared to fit our global audience. Women’s Ministries is targeting teenage girls with this beautiful new material. It includes a guide for leaders and a student workbook for teen girls as well as PowerPoint slide backgrounds for each of the ten chapters.

We hope this resource will be translated into many languages and be used in mentoring programs around the world for teenage girls, such as the Girls4Christ activities in Inter-European Division (EUD) of Seventh-day Adventists with headquarters in Bern, Switzerland.

My Sister, My Friend

Leader's guide - PDF file
Student's workbook - PDF file
Logo - JPG file

Combined background slides Zip file
Individual background slides - JPG files
title slide | slide a | slide b

Module 1 - title slide | slide a
Whom Am I? Gifts, Talents, and Values

Module 2 - title slide | slide a
What's Up with Me? Self-esteem, Self-respect, and Self-control

Module 3 - title slide | slide a
What Am I Going to Do? Career Planning

Module 4 - title slide | slide a
Academia Extreme: Academic Skills

Module 5 - title slide | slide a
Working It Out: Making Good Decisions

Module 6 - title slide | slide a
Off to a Good Start: Life Skills

Module 7 - title slide | slide a
It's the Truth: Spirituality and the Church

Module 8 - title slide | slide a
Reaching Out: Community Service and Mission

Module 9 - title slide | slide a
Pray with Me: Prayer Partners

Module 10 - title slide | slide a
Who Is Following Me? Leadership Development