“Girls for Christ”

West Indonesia | SSD WM | October 21, 2022 | Virginia Baloyo

Online Program for teen girls draws thousands in Western Indonesia.

The two-day seminar with the theme, “Girls for Christ” drew an amazing number of West Indonesian teens. Gathered via zoom were 3,671 who joined the discussion using The Real Me series, February 12-13, 2022. Young girls are not usually interested in the Women's Ministries program, but not this time. Praise God for girls who care about growing in Christ and serving the Church using their spiritual gifts. We also thank their mentors who attend to the girls’ needs for inspiration and guidance.

Photo credit: West Indonesia Union Mission WM
Written by Virginia Baloyo, Women’s Ministries director for Southern Asia-Pacific Division (SSD)

Published in Mosaic newsletter, 2022 Q4