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7 Steps in Developing a Plan

  1. Pray and reflect: Time is well spent on prayer and reflection before any start on a collective vision.
  2. Plan: Contrary to many impressions, the usual route of developing a vision for a team or an organization lies along a path of planning and work.
  3. Gather information: There are at least three main sources of information for you to use.
    • Information about the needs of women in your local community and in your local church
    • Information from Women's Ministries itself. Around the world, Women's Ministries groups are working in a variety of different ways.
    • Your team itself as a source of information.
  4. Analyze and discuss values: When you have your first meeting it is helpful to develop a common basis for your approach to the work. Discuss the goals of Women's Ministries; discuss what you as a team believe is important and what should guide your planning.
  5. Analyze and discuss the information: Now that you have set your values which will guide your ministry, and a guiding statement which is your mission statement, it is time to examine the possibilities.
  6. Prioritize: Give each team member five votes and have them place them alongside the suggestions as they see fit. That way the whole team has set its priorities for the year.
  7. Consolidate an action plan: Begin by obtaining a church calendar (speak to your church pastor if you don't have one) and also a regular calendar, which has school holidays, public holidays, etc. Use the prioritized suggestions and mark them in on your calendar. Do not attempt too many projects in the year. It is better to have a few successful projects than some failed, grandiose plans, which will accomplish nothing for women or the reputation of Women's Ministries.

Source: Leadership Program Level 1 -
"Visioning and Goal Setting" by Marion Shields

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