General Conference Women's Ministries Launches
New Web Site

In the Women's' Ministries Department we have many reasons to celebrate: God is good and He has blessed us with many accomplishments over this last year. One of our projects at the beginning of the 2008 was to redesign our web site in order to have something up-dated and fresh with new tools to helpyou, our public, get the information they need.

Today we are happy to announce the launching of our new web site. The new design is set to aid in the integration of news, advertisement, inspiration for you, and information between us.

We invite you to visit our new address and have a walk through the pages. We know that you will be blessed by clicking the "Touch of Joy" page as you receive inspiration for your new day, or going to our newsletters and be touched by the work women are doing all over the world to tell people about Jesus. 

We hope that the new GCWM web site brings not only information and connection, but also a reason to "Touch a Heart and Tell the World."

Revival Seminars for Women's and Children's Ministries

Khartoum, Sudan, Middle East Union, Trans-European Division


Early in October, the Women's and Children's Ministries leaders from eight Seventh-day Adventist churches in Khartoum gathered for a series of revival seminars to train them in effective leadership; methods in how to strengthen their self-esteem, and ultimately, how to utilize their talents for effective evangelism across all age groups.

Touring the vast northern and southern regions of Sudan during her visit, Aranka Bajic, Women's and Children's Ministries Director in the Middle East, led out in a variety of seminars in which she explained how to apply the principles of church programs such as the Gracelink (Sabbath School material for children). "Gracelink helps us using different styles when giving Bible studies to children," says Sarah Napagi, Women's and Children's Ministries leader for the northern regions of Sudan.

"There was also good interaction during the Women's Ministries programs as everyone, even men, got involved in asking questions at the large Kalakala Church," says Napagi. "The largest women's group in Khartoum, which is visiting and witnessing, are the women at Kalakala Church.

Claudia, a middle-aged, visually impaired woman, has a strong spirit and influences many lives," says Napagi. "She has brought a number of women into the church where she lives in Jebel Aulia."

Sarah Napagi continues, "We have been enriched a lot and we promise that, by God's grace, we shall implement what Bajic has imparted to us. We want to find our vision, God's plans for us, and our special talents to be able to glorify His name."

-News/TED News Staff/TED News