There is a growing crisis in our lands-drugs, abuse, and child neglect. When the adults, who have children in their home make wrong decisions and are taken from their homes, handcuffed, and put into police cars to go to jail, they leave behind children who are traumatized, frightened, and very alone. They are not allowed to take anything with them but the clothes on their back. Many children are taken to a clinic, showered, and strange clothes put on them. They can't even keep their own clothes! They do not have the comfort of a teddy bear or a favorite blanket, and the older children are not allowed to take family pictures or personal care items. They have nothing and feel like nothing! These children are in need. They find themselves in this type of situation not from anything that they have done, yet they blame themselves.

The Conroe, Texas, Adventist Church has taken on a ministry to these precious unfortunate children. It is called "It's My Very Own-Bags of Love." These are duffle bags made of colorful, sturdy cloth with a pocket on the outside for personal care items and a rope to draw it shut. Inside are age and gender appropriate items, a cuddly soft animal, toys, and a homemade quilt. It is the desire that these will ease the transition from a traumatizing situation into foster care.

Church members and members of the community routinely donate items and money. $1,500 has been raised since March and 40 "Bags of Love" distributed. The bags and quilts are made by volunteers. Among the volunteers are an 84-year-old Methodist lady, the Presbyterian Ladies Sewing Circle, and a 15-year-old girl who has committed to making two infant blankets a month.

Heather-Dawn Small, GCWM director, has been a great inspiration and is currently working to send "Mini Bags of Love" to an orphanage in India and Kenya. We continually praise God for His wonderful love and guidance over this ministry.

-Norma Jean Rose, Conroe Adventist Church WM Leader


Let kindness and love, the sweetest fruits of Christian life, find a
place in the heart of children toward their parents.
-Adventist Home, 362.


Quilts made by volunteers