A Christmas to Remember
How the Women in Lebanon open the church to the community

Christmas, the celebration of the birth of the greatest giver of all time, is characterized by giving and sharing. The Women's Ministries Department of the local church in Lebanon took this mandate to heart by sharing the joy and warmth of Christmas with the elderly ladies of the community.

Under the leadership of Sana Issa, the head of this ministry, subcommittees were formed to plan the Christmas program and meal. Issa and other members of her group welcomed the ladies to the brightly lit cafeteria. The program consisted of a song service, inspirational comments, and a reading of the Christmas story. The women were touched by the uplifting words.

A wonderful time of fellowship ensued as the women shared a meal as well as sharing their hearts' joys together. At one point, one of the invitees got up to sing a hymn in Arabic.

Each woman was given a gift bag which included an Arabic copy of Steps to Christ, Desire of Ages or The Great Controversy, a pen, and the Bible Answers Your Questions. One of the ladies has asked to join a ladies' prayer group that meets every Tuesday evening. Issa was pleased with the results of the day. "The purpose of this event was to raise awareness about the Adventist church and its desire to serve the community by sharing the good news of salvation. I believe we have accomplished that goal today."

-Eileen Ghali, Beirut


Lebanon is part of the East Mediterranean Field, with 7 churches; membership, 556;
population, 29,578,00. (Source, YEARBOOK, 2008)

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