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Trans-European Division

Women's Ministries Growing in South Sudan

More than 13,000 Adventists worship in Sudan. The church was established in this country of some 40 million in 1974.

  •  What are the challenges for WM in Sudan? Education and leadership training.
  •  What kind of projects work well for Seventh-day Adventist women in Sudan?

The "Seed and Yarn" project gave women seeds to plant to provide food for their own household and some for sale. This project has been really helpful for the women; it gave them an income, but it also gave them the opportunity to witness.  Between 2002 and 2005 there were 78 women baptized from this project.

They have also had a sewing machine project that worked well; this was in one of the refugee camps during the war.  They

Dawn Small, GC Women's Ministries
director talks to Doreen Arkangelo
during the Middle East Union Advisory 
in Beirut, Lebanon 

have also over the last two years been running a very successful literacy training program that ADRA helped to fund.  Since the funds for this project run out at the end of 2009, they are anxious to find new funds for this project.

  • What are the issues women face in Sudan, and how is WM helping them?

Work load is a major issue because most have no electricity and must carry water and firewood. Health is another challenge. There are not enough doctors and poorly equipped hospitals. Many die in childbirth, and the mortality rate among children is one of the highest in the world. Illiteracy is also high among women. Because of the war, there have been no schools, and a large
percentage of the population has never attended school.

Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division

The Joy of a Soul Winner

There was joy in the village of Tati in Botswana, Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division, when 18 precious souls were baptized after a two-week-campaign organized by the Shepherdess of the North Botswana Conference.

The campaign took place from October 5 to 18. Caroline Chola (Women's Ministries) and Dr. Ella Kamwendo (Education), both directors at the division office, worked as a team, with Kamwendo doing the Health Nuggets and Chola the sermons.

The newly baptized are taught and challenged to witness to others immediately after baptism.

-Caroline Chola, SID WM Director

Northern Asia-Pacific Division

Breaking Down the Walls of Patriarchy

For the first time in the history of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division, a significant step was taken to acquaint women leaders in the conferences of the Korean Union with the proceedings of the Division's Annual Council held in Ilsan, Korea. The idea was suggested at the Division office in the Department of Women's Ministries as it has grappled with moving forward the recommendation that unions encourage their conferences to consider electing women to serve as Women's Ministries Directors (currently male pastors still serve as women's ministries directors in the five conferences of KUC).

The women are determined to persevere, and in the meantime develop their spiritual gifts fully and prepare themselves for the day when the door will open when they can fully participate in the mission of the church.

-Sally Phoon, NSD WM Director