That Your Joy May Be Full

Northern Asia-Pacific Division

For one week, from May 30 to June 6, the Women's Ministries Department of the Mongolia Mission Field (MMF) organized an evangelistic series of eight topics based on the theme of "Joy." The opening night of the series in Ulaanbaatar saw an auditorium filled to near capacity by women. "Due to the limitations of space, the male church members were advised to stay away in order to accommodate every woman who had been invited to the meetings," explains Cleidi Kuhn, the organizer and Women's Ministries Director of MMF. 

The guest speaker, Heather-Dawn Small, director of the Women's Ministries Department of the General Conference, presented a power-packed personal testimony of what God has done and is doing for her. Jesus, the Man of Joy, was introduced to the audience as the one who has won the victory over pain and suffering and has promised us new life at the resurrection.

Dr Tsetsegee, a Mongolian OB/GYN, and Dr. Sally Lam-Phoon, NSD WM director, played supporting roles in the evangelistic meetings, presenting talks on health and women's issues.

Source: NSD WM


Leading Ladies Speak Out

Trans-European Division

Dublin, Ireland - One hundred women from the Irish and Scottish Mission attended the Women's Ministries Retreat at the Emmaus Center in Dublin, Ireland, May 22-24. Guest speaker Heather-Dawn Small, GCWM director, and Anne-May Wollan, TED WM director, emphasized the study of God's Word as instrumental in shaping God's women to be sharers of the Word to a disunited, selfish world.

"Where do you stand in your relationship with God today?" was the question Small asked as she began her first presentation entitled "Getting Out of God's Way." Small's wit, humor, and candid speaking drew the hearts of the women to one another and God.

Wollan presented "United We Stand" and put her perspective on how Paul's message to the Ephesians affects Christians. "It is the grace and love of God that unites the 40 countries of the TED and it enables us to share the wonderful news of a soon coming Savior," she stated.

Heather Haworth, British Union Conference WM director, and Judith Martin, Scottish Mission WM director, were joined by Marci Neal, the Irish Mission sponsor for WM, in giving a presentation on how women are leading out in their missions, conferences and local churches. Haworth explained, "Yes, we are diverse in our church and there are times we must put aside our cultural view of what it means to be a Seventh-day Adventist."

Source: TED News/ Heather Haworth


Sharing God's Love

South Pacific Division

Adelaide and Hobart: The women of Adelaide and Hobart were privileged to receive a visit by Raquel Arrais, Associate Director of Women's Ministries.

In Adelaide, over 100 women, many of whom were young, attended the special meetings. Hobart held its very first "Women and the Word" Conference, attended by over 80 women. Both Conferences have very supportive presidents who were present for these meetings.

TPUM Union-wide Women's Ministries Congress: Over 600 women from Trans-Pacific Union Mission gathered in Apia, Western Samoa, for a WM congress. Among other activities was the "March against Abuse," which was televised. Many women were able to testify of their faith while walking around Apia, and many non-Adventist women came to the meetings because of that. Erna Johnson, SPD WM director, together with Arrais and many other speakers, shared practical and spiritual ways of living and sharing God's love with others.

Source: SPD WM