Friendship Evangelism

Euro-Asia Division

Women in the Euro-Asia Division live and breathe evangelism. There are many challenges to Women's Ministries in ESD: vast distances, areas cannot be reached by train, economic problems, religious prejudice, and language barriers. In spite of the challenge, women are succeeding. Over the past years, women in Euro-Asia have developed a wide variety of ministries, spreading the gospel as they go. Many churches are active in helping orphanages; others are doing prison ministry. Women's Ministries also is carrying on programs on health, tea cup ministry (friendship teas), and other programs. Please, pray for these women and their many Women's Ministries outreach programs, especially the "Tea cup Ministry."


Abuse Prevention in Bahrain

Trans-European Division

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in Bahrain held a special program for the Abuse Prevention Emphasis Day. During Sabbath School a presentation with the title "Breaking the Silence" was delivered. The presentation contained material borrowed from the "Breaking the Silence" brochures produced by the General Conference Women Ministries Department. People responded in various ways: some with tears, some with questions, and some commented that they learned something new. The motto of the presentation was, "Let the victims know that their church cares." There was also a flower presentation to all women. The sermon "Love One Another," was prepared by the GC/WM. The single women gave a special song during Sabbath School and the married women sang during the worship service

Source: TED WM

Free Indeed Convention

North American Division

Nearly 2,200 women gathered in Dallas, Texas, for the 2009 NAD Women's Convention September 24-27. Women of diverse backgrounds-Hispanic, Native American, Korean, African American, Caucasian, and others-came to the convention for spiritual renewal, nurturing, and inspiration. There was an impressive lineup of over 40 convention speakers and presenters throughout the weekend.

More than a nurturing event, this women's convention provided unique opportunities for more than 400 women to touch the lives of others in the community. Coordinated by MaryJo Dubs, director of women's and family ministries for the Georgia-Cumberland Conference, on Friday morning the "God in Shoes" community outreach took women to the streets of Dallas and Arlington, to interact with residents of homeless shelters, shelters for abused women, children's hospitals and day care centers, as well as lend a helping hand in food pantries and clothing distribution centers.

Many of the women who attended said they would leave the convention inspired to serve and expressed the desire to return home and implement similar ministries in their own churches. "It's about ministry, it's about evangelism, it's about representing Christ wherever we are," said one of the directors.

"If the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed," (John 8:36)

Source: Patricia Humphrey, Southwestern Union