Inter-American Division: Women in Leadership Conference

February 9 to 11, 2010, marked an historic event for the Inter-American Division. More than 200 enthusiastic and expectant women leaders met in Miami, Florida, USA, for the first Women in Leadership Conference, division-wide.

This program was made possible by the vision of our Division president, Dr. Israel Leito, and the Women's Ministries director, Dr. Gloria Trotman. Women in leadership positions met to learn and share strategies for empowering women in ministry. The theme was "Women in Leadership Making a Difference." The key text was Proverbs 31:10, challenging every woman to have a noble and strong character to be the effective and humble leader God wants her to be.

During the opening ceremony the IAD ladies modeled their colorful national costumes, and the audience was addressed by Her Excellency Lady Allen, the wife of the Governor General of Jamaica. The leaders from the General Conference, Heather-Dawn Small, WM Director, and Raquel Arrais, WM Associate Director, challenged and motivated the attendees to stand behind the enditnow initiative. All people present were blessed by the well delivered devotional thoughts, seminars, and calls to improve their personal lives and ministries. The presenters used their knowledge and experience in order to share and lead an unstoppable force of women willing and committed to be part of the group with the mission to spread the good news of salvation.

By M. Dinorah Rivera, IAD WM Assistant Director




"Women can be instruments of righteousness, rendering holy service. The refining, softening influence of Christian women
is needed in the great work of preaching the truth."
Ellen G. White, Evangelism, 471