The Mongolia Mission Field Women's Department has translated the Women's International Day of Prayer packet prepared by GC Women's Department for International Women's Day of Prayer. It was distributed to all the churches around Mongolia and they were able to celebrate this special day of prayer together.

This was the third year that Mongolia celebrated Women's Day of Prayer. The last two years all the women in Ulaanbaatar got together on Sabbath afternoon to have special day of prayer. But this year each church had their own Day of Prayer in their local churches.

Each church's women's department leaders preached the sermon "Crumbs from the Master's Table" which was prepared by the GC Women's Ministries.

The message was that everybody has a prayer that waited for a long time to get an answer. If God is not answering prayer, it doesn't mean "No." In His time, He will fulfill His will. The crumbs that we receive from the Master's table are enough for life. The people were encouraged with this message and were asked to be firm and faithful.

During the sermon, two prayer boxes were available: "Long waited prayer" and "Prayer of healing," and people wrote their prayers and put them in boxes. In the afternoon the requests were prayed for.

At the end of the sermon, the congregation received a small brochure with a praying hand picture and Philippians 4:6 written on it to reminded them to trust in God's unfailing promises and not to worry but to give requests with a happy heart.

Sabbath afternoon the women united in prayer and made plans for future services. This time the women made handmade flowers and wrote their prayer requests to God and prayed for them.

Source: Mongolia Mission Field, Women's Ministries Department