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Planning Time

One of the most difficult aspects of Women’s Ministries is planning activities. How do we get started? What kind of event should we feature? Who should we target? And who will help?

Having a strategic planning session at the beginning of the year is very important. This is not only a way to generate ideas, but also provides the path for what we would like to accomplish. Sometimes this takes time, discussion, ideas, clockmuch thought, prayer, and reflection. As the leader you must have a plan; in fact, you must ensure that a plan is developed.

Some ingredients are necessary when considering planning for the following year. Whether you are considering an ongoing Bible study, special dates, a literacy project, or a single retreat, these guidelines are essential to a well planed strategy:

  1. Pray: prayer is essential before, during, and after your planning process.
  2. Decide your needs: Women’s Ministries is based on needs. If you have a need in your local church, you have a ministry. List all your projects, dates and activities; before you move forward, work with your pastor.
  3. Delegate responsibilities: Based on your needs, recruit people to work with your projects and activities. Start with friends. Look for encouragers and spiritual people.
  4. Organize your women to work on activities they feel gifted about it.
  5. Determine your calendar: Outline what must be done by when.
  6. Implement your plan: Put people into action.
  7. Motivate: people work better when they feel supported by their leaders.
  8. Evaluate, evaluate, and evaluate: this is one of the secrets of any successful strategic plan.

Prayer Corner

  • Planning time for Women's Ministries directors in 2008.

2008 Important Dates

February 1—Statistical Reports due in GCWM office
March 1—International Day of Prayer
June 14—Women's Emphasis Day
October 1—Devotional book deadline for submissions
August 30—Abuse Prevention Emphasis Day


Planning is bringing the future into the present, so that you can do something about it now.


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