You Need a Library

By Ardis Stenbakken

I believe that every Women's Ministries leader needs to be working on building up a library of books of special interest to women. In a small church you may have only a few books. If a larger church has a library, you can help add to the women's section. And if you are a conference, union, or division director, you need books to assist you with your work and to share with your leaders. You of course would want to read these yourself and have them to loan out to other leaders and women who work with you.

The books you might consider would be on topics of your special interest in working with women, plus books on Bible women, what the Bible says about women, women's health issues, abuse, working with teen girls, equality challenges, leadership, sermon and seminar preparation-well, you can see the list could go on and on.

It would be good to ask for a budget for buying these books-even a small amount can be a big help and you can add books over time. It could be fun to have a fund raising event such as yard sale or flea market with the idea of using it for books of special interest to your group.

If you buy books with budget or fund raising money rather than your own funds, you need to be sure to mark them as belonging to the department so that when someone takes your place, they will have the books. (Hopefully you will have mentored them so they understand the value of the books!) When I left the GC Women's Ministries department I found it hard to remember sometimes which were my books and which belonged to the department, so labeling them is a good idea.

In the months ahead, I will be sharing some suggestions of books I have found valuable--and maybe even some I thought were a waste of money-to give you ideas. And if you have found something good, let me know so we can include that too!

Happy reading and growing!



Prayer Corner

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