From Women's Ministries to you:

General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist Women's Ministries leaders share a message for the new quinquennium.

Dear Sisters: I greet you with joyful expectancy as we look forward to the next five years of working together to touch lives and tell the world about our Lord Jesus Christ. Our motivation comes from Isaiah 61:1-3 and Ministry of Healing p. 143. We know that God has called us to be His hands and arms of love to those in need in our communities and it is by helping those in need that we show them that God is love and that love draws them to Him.

Women's Ministries is about women involved in ministry to others. Our three areas of focus are nurture, empower, and outreach. We must nurture and love each other first if we are to nurture and love our sisters in the community. Paul tells us that God comforts us in our trials so that we can share that comfort with others (2 Cor. 1:3,4).

We are empowered by the many learning opportunities we have through the WM Leadership Certification Program and the many, many seminars that we make available to you our sisters so that we can become equipped women of God.

And finally, we reach out to help others. Even when we ourselves are going through our difficulties we need to reach out. The compassion that God builds in us through each trial is a gift from Him that we can give to those who need Jesus. Remember that when God uses you to save a life, the life you save may be your own.
We look forward to working with you for another five years and providing you with the resources you need for ministry. May God guide our path, guard our hearts, and give us the love, joy, and strength we need for each step of this journey.

Love and joy,

Heather-Dawn Small
Women's Ministries Director


Dear sisters, there is a time for everything. The bible tells us there is a time and season for everything. I believe that. I have never been more convinced that the time for us to touch and tell the world about Jesus Christ is NOW. This world is lost, hurting, and so many are without any hope. God is counting on us to proclaim the good news and heal the broken heart.

God has given us incredible gifts. Gifts if used for God's purpose will make a difference in the church and in the communities around us. We are called to do a great and decisive work. God chooses man and women to do this work. I have no doubt in my heart and mind that the season for touch a heart and tell the world is now. Together we need to move forward with plans to expand our outreach to touch more and more people every single day. I am one that believes our Lord is coming soon. I want to not only be found faithful serving Him at that moment, but want to tell as many as I can that He is my Savior.

One of our defining points in our mission statement challenges each Adventist woman with her potential to complement the gifts of other women and men as we work side by side to further the global mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Sisters, this is the call. This is the season. Are you ready?

May God be ahead of us as our shepherd. May God be beside us as our friend as we walk together another five years.

In Christ,

Raquel Arrais
Women's Ministries Associate Director