Focus on the News

enditnow in Atlanta

Enditnow was present during the 59th General Conference Session in Atlanta.  Women were encouraged to go out and get signatures.  With pens, clipboards and enditnow petition sheets they hit the streets around Centennial Park.  "What I really want is to bring change, so I do whatever I can to help" said one of the women who collected more than 3,000 signatures.

Enditnow is a global campaign to raise awareness and advocate for the end of violence against women and girls.  It aims to mobilize Adventists around the world to join in to resolve this worldwide issue.  For more information go to


Women Leaders at General Conference

Lisa Beardsley, newly elected education director, is the most recent woman to be added to GC leadership.  She joins returning Ella Simmons, General Vice President; Rosa Banks, Associate Secretary; and Daisy Orion, Associate Treasurer; as well as current directors Linda Koh and Heather-Dawn Small.


Proclaiming God's Grace

59th General Conference Session

Women's Ministries Booth

If you ever wanted a place where you could stand and watch the world go by, working in the Women's Ministries booth at a General Conference Session would be the ideal spot. But you don't just watch; you get to see old friends, former co-workers, classmates, and interesting people from remote parts of the world, It is not just about meeting people, however.  You have the opportunity to answer questions about Women's Ministries, direct people to resources, and make suggestions for their own ministries.

The General Conference WM booth in Atlanta featured the six challenge issues that face women, and which give opportunities for ministry. It was rewarding to see both men and women stop and contemplate these issues. We also gave out buttons with the continuing WM theme for the new quinquennium: Touch a Heart, Tell the World. And were they ever popular! Working at the booth also gave Ardis Stenbakken the opportunity to tell people about the women's devotional book series and show the beautiful book, Love Out Loud, for 2011. Many women in your territories don't know about the books and were thrilled to learn about the scholarships which the books' proceeds support.