Women's Ministries Devotional Book

Love out Loud, is the new devotional book for 2011. Edited by Ardis Stenbakken, this is the 19th in the series of devotional books written by women and for women. These authors come from all over the English speaking world, and selections were even translated and submitted.

Listen as women from around the world shout God's praise. Moments of joy and seasons of heartache are common in all of us, yet these women have learned to watch and listen for God's love in action--His love "out loud." They have recognized his hands reaching out in welcome, His tears sliding down the face of a beloved friend, His voice whispering words of encouragement. And even when He was silent and the world seemed to be crashing down around them, they have felt His presence. You never know...you may have already heard His love out loud too.


Abuse Prevention Emphasis Day

August 28, 2010 -  The fourth sabbath in August has been designated as the Abuse Prevention Emphasis Day.  The packet for this year has been written by Dr. Lourdes E. Morales-Gudmundsson.  The focus is on Violence against Women and the title is:  GOD'S HOLY TEMPLE: TO PROTECT AND RESPECT.  To download the free packet, click here.


Women's Ministries 2009 Statistical Report

Baptisms: 127,545
Reclaimed Members: 28,849
Series of Evangelistic Meetings: 66,200
Training Seminars: 53,137
Other Meetings: 184,420
Retreats & Congresses: 24,870
SDA Women attending: 1,728,454
Non-SDA Women Attending: 145,661
Scholarships Awarded: 135

Prayer Corner

  • Abuse Prevention Emphasis Day
  • Abused women around the world
  • New elected leaders in Women's Ministries
  • Touch a Heart, Tell the World initiative
  • Raquel travel to SAD



  • August 9: International Day of the World's Indigenous People 
  • August 28: Abuse Prevention Emphasis Day